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Complete your DeskCenter Management Suite -
DeskCenter Security Bundle

Criminal hackers and economic espionage has become an ever-increasing problem for the IT systems of all organisations irrespective of their size.  A systematic review of the internal IT security situation using the following four-step check provides information on how well a company is prepared for the defence against a Ransomware and other types of attack.

4 ways to protect your IT Infrastruture:

  • Regularly monitor which programs are installed on corporate devices - including "potentially risky installations", such as adware, toolbars, portable apps, or games

  • Constantly check the status of all applications: The security depends mainly on whether software versions are up-to-date or out-of-date or if they have already been discontinued by the manufacturer.

  • Close gaps promptly and automate patching of all software.

  • Check the access rights of employees to files and folders, and use Access Management to mitigate the effects of a ransomware attack.

    DeskCenter has bundled all relevant DeskCenter Management Suite features into two cyber security solutions to protect against Ransomware and other similar attacks:

DeskCenter Cyber Security Bundle:

Premium Security:

A solution for the entire IT infrastructure. In addition to Windows, this detects all installed applications and utilities on all devices within the network. It compares identified applications with a catalogue of programs from over 14,000 manufacturers. A patch-level security dashboard highlights day-to-day security threats and enables the direct roll-out of packaged software, up-to-date patches and software updates. In addition, unwanted and obsolete software can be directly removed. Also included is access management for files and folders.

Windows Security:

A full inventory for Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft applications as well as automatic distribution and installation of all patches.

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